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SpeedCrunch is a free calculator for Windows platforms. The calculator packs a lot of features that are otherwise missing from the standard Windows calculator. I know that calculator can be expanded and it adds several features to the basic calculator, but still, there is much that it can't do. For example, SpeedCrunch actually allows you to type in your expressions the way you would type into Excel. So simply type in x=3+5 and then add an expression that uses X and it will do the thing for you. It will also remember for the remainder of your session what X stands for. So with unlimited variables and the ability to remember them, there isn't much you can't do. Also, you can copy text from other applications and paste it right into the calculator. SpeedCrunch also allows you to get real-time results while you are writing your expressions. So if you get something you didn't expect, you can revise your formula and find an error. The application is completely free and should be of much use for people who deal with numbers frequently. The latest version of SpeedCrunch is 0.10.1. However, this review deals with version 0.10.

José Fernández
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  • Many features.
  • Unlimited variables.
  • Copy paste.


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